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Our game against Hulls Angels at Humerstruck in 2014. Final Round.

HBB v LRD Whip Its

Our game against Leeds' B Team at Humerstruck in 2014. Second Round.

HBB v SSRG Crucibelles

Our game against Sheffield's B Team at Humerstruck in 2014. First Round.

Banditas Mantage 2014

Highlights and snippets from the bout against The Imposters in April 2014.

Banditas v Imposters 2014

A fan video from a jam in thebout against the Imposters, April 2014.

Banditas & Crosscut Saw 2012

Footage from the Banditas v Wirral bout in 2012. Our first home bout!

Banditas v Wirral skateout 2012

Our first home skateout at Northbridge Lesiure Centre, 2012!

Our Favourite Things 2012

Banditas past and present talk about their favourite things about this sport.

Introducting The Banditas!

Here we are! Our first video all the way back in January 2012. We look so young!

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