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Halifax Bruising Bandits v Rebellion Roller Derby - Report

Photo courtesy of Jason Garnett

Halifax Bruising Banditas 90 - 440 Rebellion Roller Derby

The start of the Bruising Banditas 2017 season was less than ideal. With the long trip down to Telford to play in the first game of the 2017 Tattoo Freeze we were hoping to put up a better showing against our opponents.

Rebellion Roller Derby proved to be an incredibly strong team with fast and nimble jammers that made short work of our walls. Rebellion took an early lead and didn't ease off the pace at all as they quickly established an insurmountable lead.

Unfortunately we didn't give our best either. Whether it was the early start, the event or something else, the Banditas didn't entirely 'arrive' at the bout. Our walls weren't as strong as they have been and our mental game suffered resulting in a team that wasn't operating in sync.

While we'd have rather had a stronger showing in the game, results like these are not complete losses. We are motivated more than ever to improve so we don't face a result like that again. We came away from the bout with a long list of things to work on before the British Champs season starts. With only 4 weeks till our next bout we are knuckling down to make sure that our next opponents, Granite City, face a powered up Banditas team.

We've been under no illusions that Tier 3 is going to be our toughest challenge yet but we've come away from the game against Rebellion with a renewed vigour to show the British Champs competition what we can do!

Our next game is on the 26th February in Preston and we really hope you can join us there.


Halifax Bruising Banditas

Best Jammer - Sonic Ruth

Best Blocker - Psycho

MVP - Gremlynn

Rebellion Roller Derby

Best Jammer - Dew Drop Her

Best Blocker - Boris

MVP - Fox You

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