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British Champs Round 4 - Report

Photo courtesy of Tom Woollard

Halifax Bruising Banditas 154 - 172 Spa Town Roller Girls

The first home game for the Banditas in over a year didn't quite end the way we wanted but it was certainly a spectacular game!

After a disappointing first game between Blackpool and Durham which ended up in a Durham forfeit we were keen to make sure the crowd went having watched something fantastic. Although we would have liked the score to have gone the other way it was certainly a thrilling game!

Both teams came out fighting, trading lead jammer statuses in the first minutes of the game. Spa Town's walls proved to be tough to burst through while the Halifax Banditas proved to be frustratingly agile trapping and re-trapping the Spa Town jammers. Both team employed some stellar offence making the most of their laps and squeezing every point they could out of the laps. The Banditas suffered a slew of penalties which saw their walls weakened and their mental game slip. Spa Town began to pull away but the Banditas regained their composure in time to see them only 15 points down at half time.

The second half started much as the first did with both teams determined to take any advantage and leave it all out on the track. Lead jammer statuses were traded in each jam and points were racking up for both teams. The two sides were incredibly evenly matched and it was anyone's guess who was going to come away with the win. Neither team made any major errors or fatal mistakes. The crowd was roaring with each pass creating an electric atmosphere that spurred the skaters on the give it their all. Perhaps too much in the Banditas case; they lost a bit of their hard-won composure and succumbed to a heavy penalty count ending the game with 3 skaters fouling out and 2 more sitting on 6. In the end in was Spa Town's ability to capitalise on the tiny opportunities that gave them the edge in a game that came down to the last few jams.

Despite the loss the Banditas are still sitting in second place behind Granite City in the Tier 4 North table. Both the Banditas and Spa Town have earned 6 points in the table so far with the Banditas ahead on points difference.

Our last game will see the Banditas take on the table leaders Granite City on June 4th at Harrogate Lady's College. If we can win this game we will be assured 2nd place in the table!

Team Awards

Halifax Bruising Banditas

Best Blocker - Laffin' Assassin

Best Jammer - KayOs

MVP - Sonic Ruth

Bandits Spirit Award - Joanne White

Spa Town Roller Girls

Best Blocker - Markwart

Best Jammer - Speedy

MVP - Pyro

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