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Banditas Sponsored Skate Marathon

Barely a week after competing in an incredibly tense bout the brave girls and guys of the Bruising Banditas made their way to Preston to take part in the SkateMania Marathon event!

Some of our pre and newly post-mins skaters took part in the half marathon with our very own new Banditas Crash Die-t earning herself a 3rd pace trophy! The veterans weren't getting off so easy and decided to undertake the challenge of the full 26 mile race alongside professional speed skaters. All of our skaters did fantastic finishing with times between 2hours 10 minutes and 2 hours 50 minutes!

We were skating the mammoth distant to raise money for the club. It can get very expensive to hire hire halls, put on bouts and make sure all our new skaters have safe equipment to practice in. All of the people in the team and training up to it really appreciate the support we've had to help keep the Banditas going. Each and every one of us find something truly special at the club and with your help we can not only keep it going but help to share the fabulous roller derby spirit with more and more people.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who sponsored us. Your support means a great deal to us!

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