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Bruising Banditas vote in a new Captain and Vice-Captain!

After the recent AGM we are proud to announce that the new Captain and Vice-Captain for 2016 are Sonic Ruth and Miffy Mayhem! Sonic has been a skater with the Bruising Banditas since 2012 and her experience, knowledge and ever-present smile will be invaluable as we look to build on our strong foundation for the 2016 British Championships. Miffy has quickly established herself as one of the Banditas' forces to be reckoned with and we look forward to seeing what a mighty duo the two of them will make!

A huge thank you to our outgoing Captain Fury and Vice-Captain Bohemian Tragedy who took over leadership duties earlier this year and led us through a difficult time. They ensured that the team stuck together and always gave our all in the face of some pretty tough competition. Thank you for all your hard work ladies!

Along with voting in our new leadership we are chuffed to announce that our Head Coach for the Bruising Banditas is also now our Bench Coach! Scooby Zoom of Manchester's New Wheeled Order is stepping back from the zebra stripes to become our full-time voice on the sidelines. He and our training committee have worked tirelessly over the last year to build up the Banditas and we look forward to having him coaching us through our future games. We are stoked to say that Ali P is back as our dedicated Line Up Manager! The man-with-the-clipboard has done a stirling job keeping us calm and organised on the bench during a year of change so we're glad he's taking up the board once more.

With our new set up we can't wait to charge into 2016 and show the opposition what we can do!

Banditas - 'AVE IT!

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