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Want to be a Bandita? Come to our Free Skate sessions!


Free Skating session for potential new skaters!!

We are excited to announce that our New Intake Programme will begin in September! The exact start date hasn't been confirmed yet and we are still sorting out some of the finer details but I can tell you they will run on Tuesdays at Threeways Sports Centre in Ovenden, Halifax.


We won't make you wait that long to get in on the skating action! For all the budding Banditas out there we are hosting FREE SKATE sessions! We finish our British Championship campaign on the 8th of August with a bout against Granite City in Sheffield. With that drawing to a close we thought what better time to be concentrating on the next wave of Banditas! So, every Thursday in August from the 13th we will be giving you 2 hours FREE to come to Halifax and learn the game of Roller Derby.

Starting at 8pm we will give you 1 hour to use the entire hall to get used to being on skates, figure out how to go forward comfortably and meet the team that you'll eventually become a part of. We'll be on hand to give you one-on-one attention in you want or just a word of encouragement here and there. This hour is completely free of pressure, it is just time for you to practice what you want. If you feel up to it we can take you through how to fall safely, do crossovers and stop without using the wall!

From 9pm the team will take part in a scrimmage (a practice game between ourselves) which you can watch to get to grips with the rules, the strategy and get close to all the action we're training you up for. All of this is FREE! Don't worry if you don't have your own gear, we can loan you skates, kneepads, elbow pads, wrist guards and a helmet for £2 a session. Drop us an email at to let us know if you're coming and what size skates and pads you'll need if you're hiring from us.

Look forward to seeing you on track!


Where: Threeways Aprts Centre, Nursery Lane, Ovenden, Halifax, HX3 5SW

When: Thursdays from 13th August, 8pm - 10pm

Cost: FREE! (£2 kit hire)

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