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Goodbye Huddersfield....Hello Halifax!


So Huddersfield Sport Centre is shutting its doors in a week or so. Sad times! Half of the Banditas are Kirklees based and our training in Huddersfield venue nicely complimented our Sunday session at Halifax. The Sports Centre has a long history with Roller Derby. It's hosted many a bout from local leagues as well as being our half-home since the Banditas began.

With the new Huddersfield Leisure Centre unable to open it's doors to skaters we've moved all of our Thursday training sessions to Threeways in Halifax for the next few months. But with this new change comes a great new opportunity! While our new training times are 8pm till 10pm we have the hall for a hour before to host a brand new, open-to-all Free Skate!

So here is the invitation to anyone thinking about starting Roller Derby to come skate with us between 7pm - 8pm at Threeways Sports Centre in Ovenden, Halifax. Whether you want to see if roller sakting is for you before signing up for Freshmeat, want to get a headstart on those skills before our next intake, or just fancy getting an extra hour on those wheelie shoes you love feel free to come skate with us! We have gear we can lend you for free if you need it.

Just send us an email at to let us know!

#event #freeskate #training

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