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Banditas Sponsored Skate!

Sponsor us!

Please check out our GoFundMe page.

This Saturday an intrepid bunch of Banditas and winding their way to Preston to take part in the SkateMania Half Marathon. That's 13 whole miles and leg-aching, feet-cramping, outdoor skatey goodness and we can't be more excited!

But, not only is this a fun day out testing our endurance to the limits, this is also a fantastic opportunity to raise some much-needed funds for the league. The Bandtias are, like all the otehr Roller Derby leagues out there, self-funded through membership and bout ticket sales. Everything we do comes out of the skaters' and managers' own time and pocket. We love this sport but sometimes we need a bit of help making sure we can keep on going. Especially now, after a tough few months, we'd hate to see all our hard work re-structuring the team get lost to hall-hire and other fees.

That's why we're asking for all you lovely people out there to sponsor us on this Half Marathon.

No matter how small, any spare change you have could help us put a new skater reach her potential and pass her minimum skills, you could help us get to our remaining British Championship bouts or even help us get some expert coaches in to help the league truly be the best they can be. So if you're all for athleticism, body positivity, grass roots sports and women kicking all the butt please bung us a quid or two for us!

Sponsor us here!

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