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NSO stands for 'Non-Skating Official'. NSOs are the wonderful people who make games and scrimmages possible. Without NSOs a roller derby game or scrim would descend into chaos - we can't do it without them! If you want to take part in roller derby or join Halifax Bruising Banditas but would rather not skate then become part of our officiating team as a Non-Skating Official. NSOs can also join in the fun and pick their own roller derby name if they like!

NSOs are required every time a team scrimmage happens or we play in a game. At the moment we aim to scrim at least every Sunday during our training time. We also scrim against other teams in friendly games and closed bouts and we need a whole team of NSOs for these too! We also need Non Skating Officials in every bout we host and every away game we play. NSOing gives you the opportunity to travel with the team to officiate in away bouts as well as take you to the top levels of roller derby by using your officiating skills in international competitions.

I Want To NSO For HBB

That's fantastic! Get in touch through either the Facebook page, our email address, or through the contact form below. We train on Thursdays between 7:30pm - 9:30pm and Sundays between 11am - 2pm. We aim to scrimmage on Sundays but contact us for more information. We train at Threeways Centre, Nursery Lane, Halifax,  HX3 5SW - Click For Map

What Does An NSO Do?

There are several NSO jobs but you will only do one per game or scrim. These jobs include timing the game and the length of the jams within the game, timing the penalties, score keeping, tracking how many penalties each skater has, making sure the teams only field the skaters they are allowed to and operating the score board. As you can see, the NSO team are vital to making sure roller derby games even happen!

What if I've Never Done This Before?

No need to worry! When you come to your first session the HBB team of skaters and officials will make sure you are given full instruction on how to NSO. We will start you off in one role and as you come to more training sessions and scrimmages we'll rotate you through all the roles until you've had a go at everything.  No need to bring anything but yourself!


Thanks! Message sent.

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