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If you're looking for a way to get involved in roller derby there are tons of ways to help out with the Halifax Bruising Banditas. Whether you want to skate or would rather keep your feet firmly on the floor there are a whole variety of activities and opportunities to become a part of the roller derby community. 

If you've skated since you were a nipper or never strapped on skates in your life we are here to turn you into a roller derby team player! Find out how you can join the team...

Non Skating Officials are roller derby heroes. Without them games can't happen. If you want to get in amongst the action without having to wear skates then being an NSO is for you!

Without referees at training sessions and on game day roller derby can't happen. If you like to be in amongst the action without being hit consider becoming part of our team of Zebras! 

We are always looking for wonderful people to volunteer their time for the Halifax Bruising Banditas. From game organising to fund raising to selling cakes and merchandise - there are so many ways to help out. 


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