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In June 2011, the Halifax Bruising Banditas Roller Derby team was born. The first roller derby team to hit the Calderdale and Kirklees area, the league was formed to give women ages 18 and up access to one of the fastest growing, most exciting contact sports in the world.

The league was formed by rollergirls from across the West Yorkshire area with a view to creating a team that gives a positive and friendly training environment to skaters of all abilities.

Halifax Bruising Banditas is a non-profit organisation run entirely by their members on a voluntary basis. Our skaters are responsible for all aspects of the organisation, from coaching to fundraising, charity work, event management, recruitment and merchandising.

We play to the WFTDA ruleset and if you click on their logo below you'll be taken to the latest rule book.

We're very excited and honoured to be members of the UKRDA, and are committed to working with other leagues to spread a positive messages about the fabulous sport that is Roller Derby.

In 2015 we were proud to be a part of the first ever British Roller Derby Championships; the first UK national competition for Roller Derby.

This year we are competing in the Tier 3 North Division, we are up against some fantastic teams and look forward to pushing ourselves further than we ever have!

Watch this space as our story continues........


Use these useful links for more info on Roller Derby.

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